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Black 52 Is Trusted Name In
Bottled Water Industry

Maximum Purity

Black-52 is 1st grade water, also known as Ultrapure Water, is the purest form of water to be produced.

Cholorine Free

A sufficient amount of chlorine was added initially to the water to inactivate the bacteria.

5 Steps Filtration

Chemical Coagulation|
Flocculation| Sedimentation|
Disinfection | Filtration

Healthy Water

Drinking Healthy water is often overlooked as a necessary part of staying healthy.

Freshness and purity
Black-52 Water is the Perfect Companion for Happy Bodies Everywhere.

Kizansh , with its wealthy skill & rich experience in F&B industry has now ventured into the water industry through launching BLACK 52 MINERAL WATER to provide people an ultimate satisfactory Product as 70% of the diseases are triggered due to adulterated water.

Irrespective of how wealthy an Indian individual may be but one feels embezzled while paying for Bottled Water. In Indian tradition, our Ancestors use to install Free Drinking Water Points to provide safe water to the people. India, despite being surrounded by water from three sides, the availability of pure drinking water is rare & degrading with time.

Protect Your Family with Best Water- Black 52

Residential Waters

Residential water use includes all indoor and outdoor uses of drinking quality water.

Filtration Plants

Filtration Plant (WFP) is designed to remove this undesirable matter, and produce water fit and safe for drinking.

Commercial Waters

Commercial water use means water supplied to premises predominantly of a commercial nature.

Water Softening

Water softening is the removal of calcium, magnesium, and certain other metal cations in hard water.

Protect Your Family with One of The Best Packed Drinking Water

Black-52 Packed Drinking Water

Kizansh Group Water bottle is goes through a purification process, removing any contaminants or chemicals to clean up the flavor of Black 52.

Black-52 Club Soda

Black-52 Club soda is a manufactured form of carbonated water, commonly used as a drink mixer.

We Deliver Best Quality
Bottle Packs.

1L 1 Bottles

Mineral Water Bottle

Black-52 packaged drinking water was introduced in India. The brand promises the assurance of clean and safe drinking water.

2L 3 Bottles

Mineral Water Bottle

This purification process includes reverse osmosis and other filtering and purification methods.

1L 3 Bottles

Our Brands

Black-52 originates from public water sources and is then purified through a rigorous purification process.

Black 52 Water Compositions

Black 52 water compositions TDS 230-270, Nitrates <6, calcium< 58, chlorides<40, Ph 7.5-7.6, Sodium <25, Magnesium <58, HCO3 170-190. Our water is chlorine free with the maximum purity and seven steps filtration that removes all the impurity of water. We are manufacturing a 250 ml bottle that is best for Corporate Meetings, Parties, Events, Marathons, Banquets, Catering Services, High-end Hotels, Salons, and Spa etc., and 1 litter.

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