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About Us

Fresh and pure,
Black-52 is the perfect companion for happy bodies everywhere.

If you think about it, finding differences in different bottles of water is like explaining the subtleties of gray shades but there is something distinct in each one of them! There are different tasting notes that many people may encounter, some may feel that they can observe a clean taste while some may say that they could sense a little roughness in the flavour.

Drinking water is more than just quenching thirst, it's an experience that only Black 52 Mineral Water can provide. The innate focus has been on bringing the goodness of real water to people and improving their lives. It is a symbol of wholesome feeling, something that you can trust in a blink.

A Trusted Name In
Bottled Water Industry

Maximum Purity

Black-52 is Type I grade water, also known as Ultrapure Water, is the purest form of water to be produced.

Cholorine Free

A sufficient amount of chlorine was added initially to the water to inactivate the bacteria.

5 Steps Filtration

Chemical Coagulation||Flocculation||

Healthy Water

Drinking Healthy water is often overlooked as a necessary part of staying healthy.

Protect Your Family with One of The Best Water Filtering System.

Black-52 Purified Mineral Water

This type of water goes through a purification process, removing any contaminants or chemicals to clean up the flavor.

Black-52 Club Soda

Black-52 Club soda is a manufactured form of carbonated water, commonly used as a drink mixer.

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